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Welcome to OpenChat!

Thanks for using OpenChat. After all, I created this software for people to use it :P.

This originally started as a project for people at my school to communicate across classrooms. Not many people used it, as I charged people for an account (I probably shouldn’t have, though.)

This documentation will guide you through downloading, installing and using OpenChat.


Download of OpenChat is simple. Download it from the Downloads page, then follow the install instructions.


First of all, you must have network drives for this to work. This chat works by echoing the inputted message into chat.txt, then Message_Displayer.cmd will display the contents of chat.txt every 2 seconds.

Extract the downloaded zip in the area where you’re sharing via a network drive, preferably create a directory called Chat or something similar so people actually know where it is.

You’re finished. There is nothing else to do (except tell everyone at your work/school/home that you have a chat)


Run chat.cmd, then create an account. After that, login.

Files explained

Admin panel: Speaks for itself pretty much.

Users: Where users are stored. Inside the DLL is their cleartext password, therefore it is recommended to hide the users directory.

Chat.cmd: The main chat.

Message_Displayer.cmd: The window that pops up after logging in, which shows all messages.